BALVI mobil

BALVI mobil offers a complementary solution for the mobile acquisition of data. BALVI mobil enables inspection and sampling data to be recorded on site on mobile devices. The data from the establishments can be accessed en route and subsequently used offline. The direct transfer of sampling data ensures that the data reaches the testing lab before the sample does.

BALVI mobil

BALVI mobil is composed of the BALVI mobil Client, which displays and collects the data, and the BALVI mobil server, which enables the exchange of data between the specialist application BALVI iP and mobile terminal devices.

The main advantages of using BALVI mobil compared to conventional forms of data collection are:

  • It provides better quality data and saves time by avoiding redundancies in data collection
  • Easy-to-learn data display and entry programme, with customised data entry forms for each individual German state
  • Data is directly shared between BALVI iP and the other participating systems (e.g. direct parallel transfer of sampling data to the headquarters and the testing lab)
  • Online access to the required information in BALVI iP (e.g. sampling plan and inspection planning)
  • Offline use through separate data storage on the Client

You will find further information about BALVI mobil on the product data sheet:

downloadPDB BALVI mobil (in German)