Profile and vision

For the last 25 years, BALVI GmbH has specialized in the processing of information obtained from animal welfare, and food and feed safety inspections carried out by public officials. We offer competent advice regarding all specialist and technological matters in this field and develop high-performance ICT tools to document and evaluate the data collected from inspections. In recent years, our BALVI software program has become the standard software used throughout Germany.

We have an excellent network spanning the whole of Germany, which includes all federal, regional and municipal offices concerned with consumer health protection. Together with our customers, we seek to improve information processing in the established veterinary and food monitoring systems and to develop new product ideas. We are increasingly placing more emphasis on mobile and web-based solutions.

Quality of life through guaranteed food safety

As a software manufacturer and consulting firm with many years of experience in consumer health protection, we are probably just the partner you are looking for to build a veterinary, food and feed monitoring system which will increase the safety and quality of food and agricultural products long-term.

An essential component of our strategy is the integration of existing software systems into a comprehensive food safety system, which supports users in their daily work and at the same time enables an effective and efficient response in case of emergency.