We provide consultation services addressing the full range of professional and technical needs in processing consumer health protection-related information. We provide our customers with support in optimising the documentation processes surrounding monitoring data and data evaluation. Our software solutions are adapted to the individual needs of our customers.

We advise companies and producer groups both within Germany and abroad on how to set up sustainable production chains and optimise internal monitoring procedures in conformance with EU consumer health protection standards.

In particular, our consultation service comprises the following aspects:

  • Analysis of the situation and the requirements
  • Feasibility studies highlighting various possible levels of integration and the corresponding layers of technology
  • Support in defining requirements (specifications)
  • Detailed process analyses of the monitoring and documentation tasks (including evaluations, risk analyses, etc.)
  • Designing a high-performance database
  • Joint development of well-structured catalogues to provide assistance with data entry and to ensure the relevance of evaluations and statistics
  • Interface analysis and advice on the integration of other systems
  • Organising and planning the introduction of an IT-supported documentation system
  • Support with organising and running training courses
  • Evaluation of ongoing and completed projects